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Stables and Carriage Room

The Stables and Carriage Room

Les �curies du Ch�teau de GroussayThe stables of the Chateau, whose restoration has been completed, date  back to the creation of the buildings for the Duchess of Charost between 1815 and 1825. The   wall lighting was probably added in the forties by Emilio Terry under the direction of Charles de Beistegui. During the war, the stables were home to a horse pulling a carriage to escort guests to the station. From a contemporary document, we can see a guest  milking a cow, which shows that the stables perform a valuable role in providing fresh milk to the entire household.

The stables of the horses have just been completely redone, like the upholstery that Beistegui  had so beautifully decorated in the grooms apartment on the first floor.



Cal�che ?  Groussay



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